Space X will launch ISRO GSAT-20

Space X will launch ISRO GSAT-20

Posted On: 2024-01-03 16:22:43

The Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) commercial branch, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), said on Tuesday that it will use a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket later this year to launch a large communications satellite.

Indian space agency ISRO will now launch high capacity communication satellite with SpaceX. The Indian Space Agency will launch its next generation heavy communication satellite GSAT-20 from SpaceX's famous Falcon 9 rocket.

ISRO's commercial arm, New Space India Limited, has signed a contract with SpaceX for a possible liftoff in the second quarter of this year.

According to NSIL, the primary objective of this satellite is to create broadband infrastructure in remote areas.

The launch is proposed in the second quarter of the current year, with GSAT-20 weighing 4,700 kg, which is more than the current highest spacecraft launching capability of 4,000 kg maintained by ISRO.

What is ISRO?

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) stands as a major force in the field of space exploration and satellite technology. Since being established in 1969, ISRO has shown continued determination to enhance India's capabilities in space science and technology. Over the years, ISRO has contributed in successfully launching satellites for convection, Earth observation, navigation, and scientific research. The Mars Orbiter Mission in 2013 led India to engage in inner planet exploration, making ISRO the first Asian country to reach Mars orbit and the fourth space agency in the world. ISRO's cost-efficient approach, incorporating valuable and innovative elements, has won international praise, enabling the organization to provide commercial satellite launch services for various countries. With bold projects like Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission and Gaganyaan manned spaceflight programme, ISRO has played an important role in enhancing India's standing in the global space community.

What is SpaceX?

SpaceX, commonly referred to as "SpaceX", is an American high technology company engaged in space and space exploration. It was founded by Elon Musk in 2002, whose main objective is to make space transportation safe and economical. SpaceX has achieved many important milestones in its history, including the first experimental projects "Falcon 1" and "Falcon 9". Its successful launch process is also important from an economic point of view, as it helps in producing high quality spacecraft as well as making space transportation more safe and meaningful. SpaceX's primary focus is to support private, commercial and government space missions, which has earned it an important place in international space planning.

About GSAT-20

GSAT-20 is an Indian satellite designed for vital information and communication purposes. This satellite has been developed by Space and Space Research Organization (ISRO) and its main objective is to provide high speed and high performance satellite communication services in the Indian Ocean region. Due to its high capacity and expertise, GSAT-20 is useful in many areas related to prosperity and security, such as telemedicine, naval, and other government and civilian uses. The successful launch of this satellite has provided India with self-reliance and strength in the high-tech information sector.

SpaceX Falcon-9

The Falcon 9 is a high-altitude rocket from SpaceX designed for space missions. It is designed for re-use in an entry state, allowing reusability of the rocket and reducing cost. One of its key features is the possibility of recycling and reusing parts that are manufactured for reuse. Falcon 9 has achieved success in many important missions, including flights, satellite insertions and space exploration. Its successful use has taken a step in a new direction of space travel and has shown a new range of possibilities to space travel.

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